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Shirley J. McKellar

Candidate Elect for U.S. Congress - "Texas"

You Want Change in Washington? Elect Dr. Shirley J. McKellar to U.S. Congress for District 1, Texas!

A Few Words About Me ...

Dr. Shirley J. McKellar, Retired American Soldier, United States Army, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McKellar-McKellar-Ntaka and Associates, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Under McKellar’s leadership the grass-roots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization has launched many successful projects in East Texas.The corporation has held many state contracts from working with sexually and physically abused women/children in twelve (12) counties in Texas, a Legal Mediation Consultant, to serving as Site Manager for the African American Breast Cancer Outreach Project (AABCO). Read More...

My Career

Over 40 years professional nursing, military, education... Shirley McKellar, PhD., grew up around the family owned and operated Mitchell Erwin Roses of East Texas, which, at that time, provided a large portion of the roses for the annual Rose Festival of Tyler. This combination of environment and success established a great regard for hard work with Shirley and prepared her for a life of accomplishment and service. Firmly believing in preparing herself educationally, she has obtained numerous degrees (with honors). She is currently pursuing another degree in Political Science.


A professional who has been inspired by many passions, Dr. McKellar has pioneered more than one grassroots initiative. She established a non-profit organization to aid abused women and children, provided mediation services and managed the African American Breast Cancer Outreach Program (ABCO). She initiated a children's evening care program that was open until midnight. As she states, "We live in a 24/7 society and our children must be cared for at all times." She is a national and international motivational speaker on breast cancer and other women's issues; having stood and addressed the 4th European Congress on, "Healthcare Disparities" in Berlin.


Dr. McKellar, United States Army Nurses Corp (Ret) ... In December 2002, she was called to active duty, serving 18 months overseas in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and "Enduring Freedom". During that time in service to her country, she received two war ribbons & two medals, the Meritorious Service Medal (highest non-battle award) and Army Commendation Medal. Among other accomplishments during her entire 11 active years in the military; received five other medals and served as Officer-In-Charge in many areas; a favorite was Combat Life Saving School and established the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center in the European Theater and served as Chief Nurse. Shirley McKellar, when only 18, began volunteering behind the scenes in the campaigns of other candidates for office. And now, as an accomplished and highly educated business woman, nurse clinician, motivational speaker, wife of a retired educator, mother of two successful grown children, war veteran and human right activist, she is the "One" Texas and our country needs NOW. Shirley McKellar, a dedicated and proven leader with experience and integrity, is Ready To Serve.

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